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Discussion in 'Model Discussion & Requests' started by brossard, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. brossard

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    This girl was away for a couple of years but returned about a month ago. To me she is the hottest thing on MFC.

    However, her public shows are painfully lame. I've been in a couple of groups and spied on a regular private. These are teasy but she doesn't show anything overt although you do get a bit of peek here and there.

    Most of her privates are TruePrivate which is frustrating. They are also eyewateringly expensive (pretip is 2345T).

    My question is whether her TPs are actually worth it (I am tempted but it's a big investment). If someone with knowledge could enlighten I'd appreciate it.


  2. questionmark

    questionmark Member

    I haven't done any with Miku, but tesla is the same way and I took her on a bunch of truprivates and posted them on here later
    worth is is a matter of prospective, I threw bunch on tes, was it worth it? ehh
  3. brossard

    brossard Member

    I wish someone would post Miku_'s but at that price I can understand reluctance to do so.


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